Dr Ralph Rogers



Dr Ralph Rogers, whose medical posts include Medical Director of the London Sports Injury Clinic, Medical Director of the NBA Global Games, and former First Team Doctor for Chelsea Football Club to name a few, have put him at the forefront of professional sports medicine.

The objective of the project 'Dr. Ralph' was to attract investors and entrepreneurs for large-scale collaborations using Dr. Ralph’s medical expertise. Furthermore, Dr. Rogers asked us to build a positive reputation for his clinic to attract more patient sign-ups and raise awareness on a local and global scale.


After the initial formative research phase, Gold Engel created and executed an 8-month PR and Consultancy strategy for Dr. Ralph Rogers to build an increased awareness of the client on a global scale, drawing national attention to his Sports injury clinic and highlight his abilities as a multi-faceted doctor.

Within the 8-month period, we achieved following:

An entirely redesigned and interactive website which is more functional and consistent with his overall branding.

Developed and implemented effective promotional campaigns through social  media and online media.

A growing social media profile.

A reliable, high-quality promotional video about Dr. Rogers' persona and his professional achievements.

Increased press placements and interviews in appropriate top-tier UK and US media outlets such as Radio / TV & Print.

Developed a strong marketing messages that increased international business opportunities and patient sign–ups.


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