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Harley Street Care is a private London based domiciliary care agency providing high quality care and support at home.

Inspired by the need for first class care in familiar surroundings, Harley Street Care was founded with the aim of taking an ethical approach to domiciliary care.

Our task was to help develop Harley Street Care’s branding strategy and PR profile with a strong focus on their ethical approach and genuine commitment to social health care projects within the community. Furthermore, we were asked to develop a creative approach to build positive community relations / outreach and facilitate the growth of HSC’s business through strategic partnerships with local hospitals, GP’s, dementia specialists, discharge managers and private individuals.


Our first step was to re-brand the look and feel of Harley Street Care’s online and offline profile. The design process started with the development of a completely new website, brochures, business cards and the creation of a compelling promo video which reflected the story and ethos of the company.

Once the new website and promo video were finalised, Gold Engel focused on improving the agency’s SEO organically by integrating social media and an online blog to their web profile. Our team also came up with the idea of hosting an immersive charity event in aid of Alzheimer’s Society, one of the UK’s leading Alzheimer’s an Dementia Charity. The concert was based on the works of composer Aaron Copeland, who passed away due to Alzheimer’s, and the therapeutic effects of musical therapy in Dementia treatment.

An intriguing, modern website which reflects the artistic collective and vision of Vox Vanguard.

Created print brand materials; business cards and brochure.

Created a captivating promotional  video.

Raised awareness about the importance of specialist care and understanding of Dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

Influential Keynote Speakers such as Oxford Professor and Dementia researcher Chas Bountra, former Health Minister Prof Ann Lloyd Keen, and Head of Operations at Alzheimer’s Society, Tim Mc Lachlan.



for Alzheimer's Society.


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