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Given a short 3-month period, we started developing an active profile for Vox by creating a strategic business plan from scratch and raising capital to finance the event.

We then produced strong visual marketing material to communicate and grow Vox Vanguard's audience. Our team was not only building Vox Vanguard's social media and online profile, but we were also in charge of operationally managing the entire event, ranging from the creation of invites and website creation to logistics, ticket sales and entire front of house management at the venue.


We are proud to say that we've been so heavily involved in this creative project, these are the results we have achieved within a very short time:

An intriguing, modern website which reflects the artistic collective and vision of Vox Vanguard.

Raised capital and investment to support growth.

Facilitated artistic collaborations with leading artists, choreographers, dancers, actors and producers.

Created captivating promo videos and high-quality promotional images.

A growing social media reach and online endorsements on important event platforms.

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Features and press in relevant publications and online platforms.

Sold out event attendance of over 250 guests at historic venue.


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