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World Link Industry GmbH is a German green technology company working in the petrochemical tank storage industry.

Founded in 2008, World Link Industry has established itself as one of the leading European companies specialising in the production and installation of CO2 emission reduction products for oil and gas tanks.

World Link Industry operated via word of mouth and key industry contacts, so website and branding were very limited

We were asked to develop new international brand identity without making drastic changes to their existing logo design

Being a highly advanced technological company, many of the components and projects we were dealing with were of a classified nature, so our challenge was to truly understand and respect the nature of the business, whilst maintain a subtlety in our marketing and communications process. Design needed to reflect the company’s technical skill whilst remaining true to their German heritage and original mission statement.


Our process involved the subtle re-branding of all of their marketing material including logo, website, business cards and brochures.

After an in-depth review and report to the client, we made sure we’d understand the niche market the client operated in and the specific design requirements they had.

The logo redesign required that respect the original design. The swirls represent WLI’s main product – the floating roof and the circle to represent the earth and their environmentally friendly approach. Our new logo maintained these features, whilst ‘spring-cleaning’ the typography and dimensions to freshen up and renew the logo’s life.

New brochures we created reflected the simplicity and efficiency we were portraying in their new branding.

New business cards.

A modern website.


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